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Koi Boi

What Is a Koi Boi?

The Koi Boi, under the sponsorship of Xi Omicron Iota is an opportunity for young men to serve as “Chapter Sweetheart”. The Sorority recognizes and appreciates the many friends of Xi Omicron Iota - and this serves as one mechanism to applaud such support.


The title of “Koi Boi” are the sole naming rights of Xi Omicron Iota, and that title will remain with the winner until one (1) year and one (1) day from attaining the title.


This is the second year that XiOm has brought back Koi Boi and we hope to keep this tradition going!


KOI BOI 2022


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We are so excited to announce our newly elected Koi Boi, Mason Hoffman!

Mason is a freshman from Berlin, Germany and studying to get his Bachelor’s Science of Nursing! Here at Missouri State, Mason is apart of Delta Sigma Phi. We asked Mason why he wanted to become our Koi Boi and he said, “I wanted to get involved with my community and help support a local breast cancer awareness foundation!” Lastly, we asked Mason for a fun fact about himself and he said, “When I was driving to MSU Campus, I ended up in Arkansas by accident” 🫢😨

Get in touch with Mason:
IG: its_maesen

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